Equipment Training

Equipment Training

Training content includes but is not limited to the following items (written training record)

Training content Training requirement
Equipment operation principle and function Theory introduction
Equipment operation and demonstration Theory introduction and on-site training
Equipment maintenance Theory introduction and on-site training
Common fault analysis and solution of equipment Theory introduction and on-site training
Equipment operation safety and emergency handling Theory introduction and on-site training

1.Equipment training after entering the factory

Factory training is arranged before the equipment is put into use, total training time above 4 hours. During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the production, technology and management personnel from party A can ask any questions about the equipment to the technical personnel of party B. Party B should provide detailed answers and must not reject it for any reason.

2.Solution for abnormal device during the warranty period

During the warranty period of the equipment, if equipment is abnormal, the party B shall take out the solution within 6 hours. If out of scope, party B shall reach the place of party A within 24 hours and put forward on-site solution to solve the abnormal failures, formulate and implement the equipment maintenance plan.

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