Adjustment And Correction Of Power Press

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1.Clearance between the slider and the rail
The gap between the slider and the guide rail is mainly adjusted for accuracy, and when the adjustment is too tight, heat is generated. Generally, the accuracy for small press is 0.02~0.05mm on each side, and for big press is 0.03~0.20mm on each side.

2. Comprehensive gap
Correction method of comprehensive clearance: Touch the moving slider body by hand during production. When the slider runs to the bottom dead center, there is vibration, which indicates that the comprehensive clearance is too large, and it needs to be adjusted in time.

3. Slider link interlocking
Due to long-term use or overload, the connecting rod will loosen. This state is generally considered to be an overload; in addition, oil leaching at the joint may also cause an overload; this state must be corrected in time by adjusting the tightness of the connecting rod through its screws. This issue is quite important because this is related to safety.

4.Brake, clutch maintenance
The brake and clutch of the press are important components for the safe operation of the press. It is the cause of major safety accidents, so it is necessary to understand its basic structure, and its safety performance must be confirmed before daily operation. If abnormal conditions are found (such as: the slider cannot stop at the specified position, there is abnormal sound during operation, abnormal vibration, slow slider action, etc.), need to report and do maintenance in time.

In addition, the maintenance personnel should also pay attention to the performance of the brake and the friction plate of the clutch. If the clearance of friction plates is too large, it may occur: the amount of compressed air increases, the slider of the press machine appears to be crawling, and in severe cases, the slider may continuously move if operate once. This is absolutely not allowed to happen. If the adjustment gap is too small, the friction plates of the brake and the clutch will emit friction, heat, motor current rise, etc., and the return spring may be damaged. (Standard gap is at 1.5~3.0mm).

The detachment phenomenon generally occurs at the bottom dead center, and when the upper and lower molds are closed, the slider does not operate normally. At this time, the motor can be reversed and the pressure of the air pressure gas can be increased. Then turn the operation selection button to the “inching” mode, and increasingly pull the slider to the top dead center.

6.Adjustment for bolt loose
It must be regularly confirmed for the bolts of the machine attachments, especially for some high-speed and frequently-operated presses, because the vibration of these machines is relatively large and the bolts are easy to loosen. Once the bolts are loose, if not corrected in time, it will cause some unexpected safety accidents.

7.Checking the oil supply unit
In the running part of the machine, when the oil supply is not timely, burns and bites often occur, so the inspection of the oil supply unit must be carried out. It includes the “run, drip, leak, block” phenomenon of oil cups, oil tanks, oil pipes, filters, oil seals, etc., which must be dealt with in a timely manner.

8.Compressed air inspection
When a leak occurs in the compressed air line of the machine, the pressure will be low and the machine operation will be bad, so it must be repaired in time.
The water content of the compressed air should also be controlled (air filter drying and dewatering device can be installed), which is a major cause of slow movement and corrosion of machine parts such as solenoid valves and cylinders.

9.Regularly check the accuracy of the press
The accuracy of the press has a direct impact on the service life of the mold and the manufacturing accuracy of the product. However, the accuracy of the press machine deteriorates with the extension of time. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the accuracy check on a regular basis, and find the problem in time for repair, so as to ensure the precision of the machine, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the produced product.

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