The Practical Scope of Arm Manipulator

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The arm manipulator, also known as stamping manipulator, is a special equipment designed for the automatic production of single punching. According to different stamping processes, punch manipulators are divided into: single punching sheet punching punch manipulator, single punch multi-station punching manipulator, multi-punch multi-station online manipulator, multi-punch running water punching manipulator, single-station vibrating feeding manipulator. The punching machine includes material elevator, x-axis for left and right movement, Z-axis for vertical movement, retracting mechanical arm for X-axis, control system, multi-machine multi-station punching robot, including auxiliary workstation and relay device.

The practical scope of arm manipulator is:
1. The production of low-speed single punch.
2. The mold is a simple composite stamping die.
3. Plane punching, trimming, shaping, stretching and other processes, the stamping requires vertical die stamping.
4. The material and product have a position for the arm manipulator to pick up or clamp.
5. After stamping, the product will be detached from the mold.
6. After the stamping, the distance between the upper and lower molds must be 60mm or longer.
7.Commonly used products: auto spare parts, home appliances parts, communications products and accessories.

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