110 Ton Power Press Production Line

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The press line shown in video is composed of five sets of 110 ton power press, single-stage molds, and independent manipulators. It is typical example of multi-press automation stamping line. The multi-press automation stamping line works mainly through the connection between multiple presses and multiple stamping manipulators according to the forming process of the work piece. The general-purpose 110ton power press used in this production line has a relatively low cost. This stamping process is suitable for formulating products. This solution requires only one or two stamping engineers. The production operation mode under this scheme effectively improves the automation level and production efficiency of the stamping process and the batch production can use this production mode.

The construction of the multi-press automation stamping line can be adjusted according to the area of the production workshop. The independent press control system and the manipulator control system are seamlessly connected, so that the action of the manipulator and the press are optimally coordinated, and the field bus is utilized to maximize the efficiency of the entire production line as well as higher safety.

The stamping manipulator is more flexible, has no equal height requirements for the mold, and is easy to integrate. In addition to the common characteristics with handling robots such as large loading capacity, precise travelling track and stable and reliable performance, the stamping manipulator also has the characteristics of frequent starting and braking, large workpiece size and large rotating area.

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