160 Ton Press C Frame Double Crank

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The open type or c frame double-point press is a press for large sheet metal stamping and shallow drawing, and can also be used for forming complex parts by progressive die or other multi-station molds. With following characteristics and its flexible and practical operation, 160ton press with c frame and double crank is warmly welcomed by metalworking industry customers:

1.The machine body is welded with steel plate, which has good rigidity and decent appearance.
2.Clutch-brake unit is adopted pneumatic friction type, reliable and precise performance.
3.The transmission gear is immersed in oil lubrication, with low noise and stable transmission.
4.The slider is guided by six sides and has high motion precision.
5.The imported hydraulic overload protection device can realize automatic emergency stop of machine once overloading occurs, protect the mold and prevent damage of the press.
6.The height of the mold is electrically adjusted, better performance to protect the mold and prevent damage to the press.
7.The number of strokes of the slider can be adjusted steplessly to meet the requirements of different parts.
8.The electrical system adopts PLC man-machine interface, encoder control, safe and sensitive.
9.Press is much more flexible in cooperating with the feeder to achieve automatic stamping, efficient mass production, and cost savings.

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