80 Ton Press Machine Trial

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This line shown in video is for the production of side body of metal electrical box, composed of one set of 80 ton c frame single crank press, one progressive die, one set of auto feeding equipments. The installation and adjustment of the die must be particularly careful as the die is high cost and weight especially for a large and medium-sized die. The safety of the person should always be put in the first place.

The general procedures of mold and machine trial:

1. Adjust the die height. According to the height of the trial mold, adjust the press slider to the appropriate height, the speed should be gentle and uniform, otherwise the slider gap will be caused. After adjusting the die height, be sure to lock and adjust the fixed screws.
2. Mount the mold. Raise the press slider to the top dead center, put into the mold, align the shank with the fixing hole of the slider, and move down the slider until the gap with the mold is about 3~5mm. The distance difference of the mold from press working table at both sides shall be within 0.1mm measured by vernier caliper. Then, move down the slider to the bottom dead center to see if the mold is completely closed. If the upper and lower limit blocks are not completely closed (the upper and lower limit blocks should be in the fitted state when the mold is closed), the mold height needs to be re-adjusted. After proper adjusting, tighten the fixing screws of upper and lower mold.
3. Put the receiver and place waste bins and other accessories.


1) It is strictly forbidden to reach into the mold for any operation during machine running. When the hand needs to reach into the mold for operation, it must be confirmed that the motor has completely stopped and the safety pad has been put into the mold before operation;
2) It is strictly forbidden to operate the press and die by two persons at the same time (including during demonstration, guidance, adjustment, material leading and operation);
3) It is not allowed to set press in a continuous mode when leading materials for subsequent continuous stamping.

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