Characteristics And Comparison Of Eccentric Press

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I. Crank slider mechanism driven by crankshaft

Working principle: when the crankshaft rotates, the connecting rod swings and moves up and down to make the slide block move up and down in the guide rail.

Features: double end support of crankshaft, good stress; large stroke of sliding block, non adjustable stroke. It is difficult to forge a large crankshaft, which is subject to bending and torsion, so the manufacturing requirements are high.

Scope of application: mainly used in medium and small press with large stroke.

II. Crank slider mechanism driven by crank

Working principle: when the crank shaft rotates, the outer circle center of the eccentric sleeve makes a circular motion with the center of the crank shaft as the center, driving the movement of the connecting rod and the slider.

Features: single end bearing of crank shaft, poor stress condition; adjustable slider stroke (eccentric sleeve or crank journal end face with scale). It is easy to adjust the stroke and simple in structure, but the rigidity of the crank suspension is poor.

Scope of application: mainly used in medium and small press.

III. Crank slider mechanism of eccentric press

Working principle: when the eccentric gear in the eccentric press rotates on the mandrel, its eccentric neck is equivalent to the crank rotating, so as to drive the connecting rod to move the slider up and down.

Features: the eccentric gear mandrel in the eccentric press is supported at both ends, with good stress; the eccentric gear only transmits torque, and the bending moment is borne by the mandrel; the stress condition is better than the crankshaft, and the rigidity of the mandrel is greater. The structure is relatively complex, but casting is easier to solve than crankshaft forging.

Scope of application: commonly used in large and medium-sized presses.

Differences in three structures:

The stroke of Crankshaft Press is not adjustable; the stroke of eccentric press and crank press can be designed as adjustable structure, and the overall structure of the equipment is more beautiful.

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