Discussion On Stamping Automatic Feeding Device And Its Feeding Accuracy

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High precision and high-speed stamping production line usually consists of a complete processing system with uncoiling levelling, automatic feeding, waste disposal, etc. in order to provide a complete set of automatic equipment, the barrel making equipment factory must develop and develop various types of auxiliary devices, which are based on the power press auto feeder.

For a constant speed press, when a die is used for blanking or punching, the common feeding device can meet the accuracy requirements of the product; for a high-precision and high-speed press, the common structure feeding device can obviously not meet the accuracy requirements of the product. No matter how high the accuracy of the machine tool is, the feeding accuracy cannot be improved, and the stamping parts produced are still defective products. So feeding device and precision is an important research topic at present. This paper analyzes various factors that affect the feeding accuracy and discusses the measures to improve the feeding accuracy of the power press auto feeder based on many years of production practice and teaching research experience.

In order to develop a high-precision power press auto feeder, we must first understand the factors that affect feeding accuracy.

The feeding accuracy is related to the equipment, manufacturing, production process, stamping parts and materials of the feeding device.

(1) design. Including the selection of mechanism scheme, the rationality of structure design, design calculation error, misoperation calculation error, the length of the transmission chain, etc;

(2) manufacturing. There are machining error, assembly error and clearance value of transmission mechanism;

(3) process. There are feeding speed, feeding stability, part shape change, part failure;

(4) uniformity of material thickness, surface smoothness, etc.

Although there are many factors affecting the feeding accuracy, the primary feeding accuracy mainly depends on the feeding speed. The average feeding speed of the automatic feeder of the press is the product of the feeding distance and the times of feeding per minute. During the working period of the press, the time of feeding usually only accounts for 180° of the crankshaft angle, and the feeding speed is not constant during the feeding process. The actual maximum feeding speed is about three times of the average speed. Increasing the feeding speed will reduce the feeding accuracy, which is the way to improve the feeding accuracy Otherwise, we should study other ways.

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