Composition And Working Principle Of Crank Press

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Form of Crank Press:

1) bed
The bed is the framework of the press, bearing all the punching pressure, and connecting all the parts of the press to ensure the accuracy, strength and rigidity required by the whole machine. A working table is fixed on the bed for installing the lower die of the die.

2) working organization
It is a crank connecting rod mechanism, which is composed of a crankshaft, a connecting rod and a sliding block. The motor transmits the energy to the pulley through the V-belt, to the crankshaft through the transmission shaft through the pinion and big gear, and to the reciprocating linear motion of the slider through the connecting rod. The upper die of the die is fixed on the sliding block. The belt wheel also functions as a flywheel, so that the load of the press is even in the whole working cycle, and the energy can be fully utilized.

3) control system
It is composed of the brake, clutch, etc. The clutch is used to start and stop the action of the press. The brake is to stop the slider at the required position when the clutch is disengaged. Clutch off and on, that is, press on and off is controlled by the control mechanism.

4) transmission system
Including belt wheel drive, gear drive and other mechanisms.

5) energy system
Including motor, flywheel (pulley).
In addition to the above basic parts, the crank press also has a variety of auxiliary devices, such as lubrication system, safety device, counting device and air cushion.

Working Principle of Crank Press:

The crank press transmits the movement and energy of the motor to the crankshaft through the transmission system, so that the crankshaft can rotate, and the slider can generate reciprocating motion through the connecting rod.

The motor drives the crankshaft to rotate through the pinion, the big gear (flywheel) and the clutch, and then the slider makes a reciprocating motion in the guide rail of the fuselage through the connecting rod. The upper die of the die is fixed on the slide block, and the lower die is fixed on the working table of the machine body, so that the press can pressurize the stamping materials placed between the upper die and the lower die, and press them into the workpiece by the die to realize the pressure processing. The clutch is controlled by the foot pedal through the control mechanism to realize the movement or stop of the crank slider mechanism. The brake is closely matched with the clutch, and the crank slider mechanism can be stopped at a certain position (generally refers to the position where the slider is at the top dead centre) after the clutch is disengaged. The big gear also acts as a flywheel to make the load of the motor even, and effectively store and release energy.

Characteristics Of Crank Press
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