Provincial Governor, Municipal Mayor Xu Jiaai, And County Magistrate Visited KINGLAN Headquarter

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On August 6th, Zhejiang Provincial Governor Xia Baolong, Jinhua Municipal Mayor Xu Jiaai, and Wuyi County magistrate Zhong Guanhua visited our company. Mr. Lv, the chairman of our company, accompanied the leaders to visit our processing workshop and assembly workshop, and gave a brief introduction to our company’s existing products and latest achievements, and analyzed the development trend of the current stamping industry and the future development plan of KINGLAN GROUP. During the conversation, our chairman said: “Our service not only focuses on the present, but also on the future development. We understand that our company can have today’s development and achievements, and yesterday’s positive follow-up and the concept of customer-oriented is inseparable. In the process of cooperation with our customers, we must act as a responsible person, and to make customers convinced of our services and our strength, so that we can cooperate with each other in a smooth progress and a win-win situation can become a reality.” The leaders gave high recognition to Lu’s words and expressed their full appreciation for the efforts of each KINGLAN staff. Through this visit, we believe that KINGLAN will get better and better in the stamping industry with the care and support of our government.

KINGLAN Headquarter
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