How to Control the Accuracy of the Servo Feeder Press

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In the stamping production process, the servo feeder press plays a very important role. Only the precise feeding of the servo feeder press can ensure the quality of the punched press. However, due to various factors, the servo feeder press often has a misfeeding phenomenon and a biased material phenomenon. So how to control the feeding accuracy of servo feeder press? There are several reasons!

1. Select the correct servo feeder press. According to different product material requirements, match the feeder that can meet the requirements, avoiding problems due to the machine itself.

2. The feed speed control of servo feeder press and the change of the feed step need to be adjusted, otherwise it will also affect the servo feeder press transmission accuracy.

3. Whether the punching stamping die is installed accurately, whether the guiding pin is installed, whether the guiding pin positioning is correctly installed, and the installation accuracy must meet the requirements.

4. Whether the NC servo feeder press is correctly installed in the punching machine. If the servo feed is not installed correctly, it cannot be adjusted during production.

5. Whether the servo feeder press debugging is correct. The wrong debugging method will also affect the feeding accuracy. For example, the relaxation device is not in place or the stamping material is not placed properly.

There are many factors that determine the accuracy of the servo feeder press. As long as the requirements of the feeder manufacturer are selected step by step, matching and correct installation, the debugging can achieve the precision we want and the production line can be produced normally.

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