Introduction to Eccentric Power Press

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The press has hydraulic press, screw press and crank press. The eccentric power press is a crank press. Driven by switch reluctance servo motor, the servo press realizes high efficiency, energy saving, high reliability, intelligent numerical control, high die life and high product precision.

There is no functional difference between a crank press and an eccentric power press. They are just different form of crankshaft structure, but the schematic diagram of the two is exactly the same. Eccentric power press structure is relatively complex, but casting is easier to solve than crankshaft forging.  Scope of application: commonly used in large and medium-sized pressure machine.  The slide block in the eccentric press is a part that can move up and down in the middle of the press, and its action forms twice the eccentric radius of the eccentric shaft or crankshaft.

Introduction to Mechanical Eccentric Press
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