Punch Selection Skills

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Die production needs to rely on the punch press to provide power. Dies of different size, structure type need to choose different punch to match. Reasonable selection of punch press can reduce cost and save resources.  The main standard of punch press is measured by the size of tonnage, usually through the sum of die blanking force, forming force, pressing force, stripping force and so on.

Blanking force is the mainstream.  The blanking force is not fixed. The change of the blanking force in a stamping process is as follows:

when the punch begins to contact the stamping product, the blanking force is increasing. When the punch is about 1/3 of the thickness of the product, the blanking force reaches the maximum value. Then, as the material breaks, the force gradually decreases. Therefore, it enough to calculate the maximum blanking force.

Calculation of blanking force Calculation formula of ordinary blanking force: P=L*t*KS Kg  Note: P is the force required for blanking, and the unit is Kg L is the total outline perimeter of blanking products, in mm T is the material thickness, in mm KS is the shear strength of the material, in Kg/mm² In general, when the blanking product is made of soft steel, the specific shear strength of the material is as follows: KS = 35kg/mm²

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