The Application of Power Press Auto Feeder in the Auto Parts industry

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The application of power press auto feeder in the auto parts industry has become very common. Power press auto feeder is widely used in the stamping industry. According to the requirements of different punch press products, presses can be matched with different types of feeders to meet the production needs of enterprises. The yaw feeder in press feeding is the most common use of auto parts in automobile manufacturers. Everyone knows that automotive auto parts products have high precision requirements and the structure of the product parts is complicated. This is why many car manufacturers choose a yaw feeder. The advantages of the left and right yaw feeders are numerous, and the production methods are diversified. The yaw feeder is widely used in all kinds of automotive accessory products such as stamping parts, automotive interior panels, handballs, car mudguards, etc., and the production efficiency of the automated production line is greatly increased.

Power press auto feeder press line automation equipment is currently widely used in the market, and traditional manual production methods are gradually retiring, so automated production has sufficient space for display. Therefore, the choice of the size of the production line depends on what kind of stamping parts need to be produced. The yaw feeder mainly combines the heavy material frame, the leveling machine, the punching machine and the receiving device to form a wafer stamping production line, which replaces the traditional mode of gradually pressing along the material extending direction, reduces the generation of punching and trimming, and reduces the production process. It saves time and effort, reduces production costs, and greatly improves production efficiency.

Nowadays, the scope of use of power press auto feeder is expanding. It can see the power press auto feeder not only in the automotive parts stamping industry, but also in applications such as hardware, stamping, electronics, home appliances, technology, auto parts, cabinets, metals, packaging, electrical, industrial, aviation, machinery, electrical, electromechanical, cabinet, home, energy and other industries.

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