Application of Power Press Auto Feeder in Punching Line

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The power press auto feeder is used with the press machine automatic production line equipment for press machine, which plays the role of accurate conveying and leveling of the press machine equipment. The power press auto feeder punch press automatic production line is widely used in the market, such as mechanical manufacturing, electrical equipment, instruments, screens, electrical control cabinets, hardware processing, auto parts and other industries of stamping production. The NC power press auto feeder is equipped with CNC press machine, which can realize the production of one line of products such as fully automatic feeding, leveling and processing. It can make the whole machine tool realize the whole material feeding machine, automatic material discharging, automatic feeding, automatic stamping and other functions, which can fully utilize raw materials to ensure manual safety production and improve production efficiency. It can also process stamping for complex graphic products. Specifically, let’s look at the power press auto feeder application installation case!

In the use of the power press auto feeder, the raw materials are fixed by the pneumatic machinery, and a zero point position is set. After that, the feeding system automatically sends the coffin to the punching position below the punch punch according to the shape of the required punching hole. After punching a hole, the punch is automatically lifted, and the feeding system sends the next punching position of the coffin to the punch below the punch. Repeating the flushing until it is completely flushed back to the zero position as required.

The overall application of the power press auto feeder is to place the material on the fixed frame of the automatic feeder, fix it by air pressure, and then input the corresponding data into the operation interface dialog box of the feeding system according to the size of the coffin and the required product. In the parameter column, after the operator inputs the value, the system will automatically calculate according to the filled data, eliminating the complicated human calculation and programming process and realizing automatic production. It is also possible to perform a separate jog operation according to customer requirements.

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