Several Factors on the Accuracy of NC Servo Roll Feeder

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Although the feeder is a rising star in the stamping industry, it is widely used as an automated production equipment because of its high precision, high stability, and multi-purpose use. It has gradually replaced the roller feeder as the leading feeding equipment in the industry.  It is an industry that pays great attention to efficiency and precision. It is very precise. The details are very important, and often a detail is not done well, which will cause various problems in the feeder. Then the accuracy of the punching machine NC servo roll feeder is related to what factors, Kinglan tells us below.

1. Mechanical part

The mechanical part of each press servo roll feeder is made up of many spare parts. Small screws can also cause the machine to malfunction. Any small links can cause big mistakes. In this machinery industry, we should pay more attention to the fact that large-scale mechanical equipment is assembled with various parts. One ring and one ring will damage the operation of any whole machine. Therefore, each accessory plus process technology, using different materials, will also affect the feeding accuracy. (For example, whether the gear is grinded strictly, whether the wheel is grinded with silk several times, what is the thickness of the wall board, and what kind of material is used in, all of them all affect the accuracy of accessories.)

2. The quality of the electrical parts used is good or bad.

Everyone knows that the electrical part of the NC servo roll feeder is controlled by the servo motor and PLC operation. Therefore, the precision is relatively high, like the Youyi NC servo roll feeder with an accuracy of up to 0.02mm, and the operation is convenient. When manufacturers use accessories with poor brand or high imitation goods, the quality of the accessories themselves is not good, the accuracy is not high, how can be used in the equipment to achieve high precision. That’s why prices vary from house to house.

3. Whether the installation and commissioning are correct

The NC servo roll feeder is installed on the punch to be used. When the installation is unqualified, the feeding accuracy will affect the feeding operation. If the installation is correct, but the debugging method is wrong, it will also affect the feeding accuracy, such as the relaxation is not in place, the material is not placed when it is fixed.

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