Benefits of Servo Feeder

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Although servo feeders may be more expensive devices, they are also very versatile devices that are suitable for different material thicknesses and widths. Servo feeder can also be used to programme independently for different dies, thus reducing the number of settings. Simply select the corresponding program and step, and set to release. Some devices can store up to 200 programs.
Servo feeder also runs relatively fast. Of course, the speed is related to the step: the longer the step, the longer the feeding time, which will affect the speed of the punch. Even so, in a very short period of time, the speed of servo feeders is as high as 600 or even 800 times per minute (SPM), and they can do the work well.

With a servo feeder, you can set many parameters in a stamping cycle. For example, if you are doing in-die tapping and the strip can only move within 90 degrees of the punch cycle, you can program on the servo feed. This can affect speed to some extent, because you have to finish feeding in a relatively short time, but likewise, if you can use the other 220 degrees of the stamping cycle, you will have a longer time to feed and run faster.

Another good feature is that it can fine-tune steps of small numbers when producing some very small, precise dies. The third advantage is Z-shaped feeding. The strip can move not only from left to right, but also from front to back. This feeding action can reduce the winding between parts and save up to 13% of raw materials. The simultaneous movement of the two axes improves the speed, and the parts are embedded in the die strip, resulting in a shorter step distance.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of the servo feeder is its ability to perceive material resistance. If your stamping die is running, then a scrap pops up, or you have tapping in the die, and a tap breaks, or a punch breaks and gets stuck in the tape and die, then the tape may not move forward. When the servo feed detects the maximum force required for the feed belt, it will stop running and pull back to the previous step. In this way, if the press does not stop before the next feeding, you will not suffer die losses of thousands of RMB due to a step error.

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