Maintenance of the Servo Feeder

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1. Daily oil and water supply In order to maintain the performance of the servo feeder and consider the safety of the servo feeder,and take into account the improvement of production skills, please make the following checks frequently: Oil feeding: By pressing the butter gun of the machine, the gear part of the roller and the bearing can be added with gear butter.
Water removal: three-point combination: press or rotate the button under the catchment bucket to remove excess water.
Storage cylinder: Remove the nut under the storage cylinder to remove the moisture in the storage cylinder.

2. Maintenance inspection

1) Whether the timer (timer) is normal.
2) To remove remaining things from the rollers.
3) Whether there are foreign matters between gears.
4) Whether the oil and gas pressure is normal, whether the pressure gauge is normal, and whether the visual pressure gauge is normal.
5) Whether there is leakage in the pneumatic air supply system.
6) Whether the bolts and nuts joined by the various agencies are loosened or not.
7) Whether the feeding rollers have good parallelism (when the feeding rollers are closed, whether the upper and lower rollers are all close).
8) Are there any damages, deformations, abnormal sounds or other abnormalities in each part?
9) Whether the switch and the display lamp on the operation panel are in abnormal condition or not, there should be no foreign body in the man-machine interface.

3. Regular inspection

During the operation period, it is carried out every 6 months or 1000 hours. In addition to checking the key items every day, the following checks should be carried out on the servo feeder:
1) External electrical wiring inspection: whether the external power supply is deformed, damaged, leakage or short circuit.
2) Inspection of switch on the operation panel:
The panel button. whether the contact is conductive, and whether there is oil attached; Whether the button can be touched by pressing or not.
3) Inspection of timing cam switch:
Whether there is abrasion in rotation and movement; Whether there is oil attached;
Whether the contact part is abrasive or not.
4) Whether the contacts of the relay in the control board are good or not.
5) Whether the piping of hydraulic machinery is good or not.

4. Inspection of Servo System

1) Servo system should avoid dust and corrosive substances. Environmental temperature should be maintained to an appropriate level, and the cooling fan should be checked whether it is working properly.
2) Whether the wiring junction of the servo motor is loose or not, and whether the wiring will be damaged.
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