The Characteristics of Servo Feeder Press

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Servo feeder press is traditionally divided into mechanical and pneumatic types, mainly used for stepping conveyors of 0.1-3.2mm plates, but with the increasing application range of NC servo feeders, feeder manufacturers have to enrich the feeder types and to meet the needs of the market. As the largest feeder manufacturer in China, KINGLAN Precision Machinery has added two types of thick plate and yaw type to the servo feeder on the basis of traditional mechanical and pneumatic. It can be tailored to the specific needs of customers to meet the diverse needs of stamping production. So what are the performance characteristics of these various types of NC servo feeders? The following explanation came from KINGLAN professional technicians.

1. Mechanical NC servo feeder: it adopts mechanical relaxation mode, the relaxation speed is fast, and there are restrictions on the installation. The main purpose is to match the punching machine for short-step high-speed feeding. There are 2.2mm and 3.2mm two thickness models available for selection. When on the occasion that the mechanical NC and pneumatic NC are both suitable for use, the Youyi precision NC servo feeder is preferred.

2. Pneumatic NC servo feeder press: This is the most used servo feeder model in the stamping industry. It uses cylinder clamping to relax, not subject to installation restrictions. It can be used not only with almost all punches, but also with hydraulic presses and shears. Available in 0-2.2mm, 0-3.2mm, 0-4.5mm and 0-6.0mm models, but due to the use of cylinder push-pull form relaxation, there is a certain response time, so it is not suitable for high-speed feeding occasion.

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