The Features of Servo Feeder Press

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The servo feeder press is an automatic equipment integrating digital, mechanical and pneumatic, and plays an important role in the high-end stamping industry.
The features of servo feeder press:
1. High-precision feeding: for the advent of the high-tech industry, the closed-circuit feedback system of the computer is used to ensure the accuracy is within ±0.03mm.
2. Stage feeding mechanism: it can input 20 sets of different feeding lengths, each group provides 999 times of punching times. It can meet the processing and production of special products (optional).
3. Personalized manual mode: it can input the appropriate three-stage manual speed, and let users easier to operate and put the material into the mold accurately to locate.
4. High-efficiency relaxation device: with the punch signal and the simple material thickness adjustment.
5. Feeding length setting: entering the feeding length directly on the control panel, you can achieve the required Song distance.
6. Feeding mechanism: The roller adopts hollow type which has the following advantages: lightweight, small rotary inertia, surface hardness HRC60° hard chrome plating, wear resistance and long service life.
7. It has developable functions such as counting function, multi-step transfer function, mold parameter storage function, etc.
8.  The servo feeder is more convenient and easier to operate than other mechanical feeders in adjustment control.

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